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Young Students Using Express Case For The Stray Dog And Cat Nests
Mar 25, 2016

Double 11 "after the courier boxes will follow. Dormitory, piles of discarded express tray information Engineering College of Yangzhou University College students move hands, the express made Kennel boxes, storage boxes, and wish the wall, both treasure and beautify the environment, serve two purposes.

Into the paper tray storage box

"Many students ridicule around things on the desk was a mess all day to clean up. We can use express tray storage box. "Making storage boxes of freshman zhangyu said.

Express tray into storage boxes the simplest and most practical, just need to do a little pruning, to beautiful, can put a layer of colored paper in the paper tray on the outside, almost without any costs. Students see zhangyu shares made their own storage box, have praised its originality, imitate it.

Wish wall "express" dream

"We can empty into a wall, let people write their own dreams. "Yang xiaojiajia of the great school of information engineering, ingenuity, a freshman, made a" wish wall "cut the waste tray shapes such as hearts, diamonds, circles, students wrote the following, expressed hope for the future, the blessing of their loved ones. Yang said, express tray to create dream wall is very creative, very willing to write for the future expectations of University life.

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