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Wood Box Packaging Design Needs To Consider Many Factors
Oct 31, 2017

Due to the size of the railway bridge and the tunnel, the large Wood Box packaging design must take into account the locomotive limit size. The product needs to be changed to pack or disassemble the product, the component is packaged. The limit of the size of the locomotive export container is in line with the exporting country. Flat-top packaging is generally used to suit the large Wood Box, which is easy to stack in other goods ballast. Only large, medium-sized crates of trains or motor transport, and then stacked in other goods will not, in order to prevent the roof of the water often use the roof. Limits are used by the locomotive limit size. In China, large and medium-sized logistics transport packaging products, Wood Boxes, wooden frame sliding still dominate. Because these two kinds of large wooden transport and storage, loading and unloading trouble, difficult to re-use, the high cost of wastewater treatment after use, the burden on the environment, a variety of new wooden crates have been developed and applied.

In many cases, we will choose to use the Wood Box to transport the goods, rather than select the carton, which is mainly because the Wood Box, with their own unique advantages, Wood Boxes and cartons are used plants, the protection of the environment is the so-called recyclable , Cartons and Wood Boxes, Wood Box is good can be used many times. The box can be discarded with wooden pulp made of cardboard boxes, etc. but also longer Wood Box. Wood faster, the carton is needed to mold custom, design, manufacture mold time and money needs, only the size of the need can be a Wood Box.

Military packaging is the preparation of braided panels, glass fiber and composite materials Unsaturated polyester resin is lightweight, with bamboo and bamboo plastic composite material corrosion environment adaptability. Bamboo-plastic composite board According to the cutting process requirements, the use of riveting mixed connection technology military Wood Box packaging, a lot of problems to solve the original wooden crates, Wood Box packaging to improve the comprehensive protective effect and adapt to the environment, thereby saving a lot of timber resources , Environmental protection package to achieve the goal.   

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