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Wood Box An Important Transport Packaging Container
Oct 20, 2017

Wooden box, made of wood, bamboo or wood mixed material made of colloidal packaging containers. Wooden box is one of the oldest packaging containers is also an important transport packaging containers, it is simple to produce, high strength, local materials, durability, and a certain degree of flexibility, can withstand the impact and vibration, the price is also Cheap and so on in the packaging world has a pivotal role.

Wooden box features: beautiful appearance, strong and durable, domestic exports are available, and the size can be produced according to customer requirements.

After use, most of them can be recycled, is conducive to the use of environmental resources.

Wooden box production

Main material: wood.

Required tools: hammer, awl, pliers, sandpaper, plane.

producing process:

Step 1: Draw a small picture every time.

Step 2: choose a piece of wood planing smooth.

Step 3: Some tools.

Step 4: Saw by size.

Wooden use

1. Wooden box: for a variety of goods and products of domestic or export packaging, affordable.

2. Sliding box: for large machinery, mechanical and electrical products or heavy equipment and production lines of packaging transport.

3. Flower box: for large plastic parts, cloth or automotive glass products such as domestic transport packaging.

4. Hoarding box: It is a new type of packaging that can be used repeatedly. It is suitable for the packaging of irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls and stamping parts. It is the best choice for exporting products to Europe.

5. Plywood box: for general general merchandise packaging transport, single-box loading the total quality of the general recommendation of not more than 2 tons.

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