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Suggestions For Paper Box Design
Oct 31, 2017

First, Paper Box body printing patterns, clear and correct text, consistent, accurate positioning (overprinter error range of ±1mm), printing inks do not allow the phenomenon of monlchamus, no typos, wrong printing, printing, reprint superfluous printing patterns and handwriting, each box 1mmx1mm size of the phenomenon should not be more than 5, If there is redundant printing ink phenomenon, in the box front of each box 1mmx1mm size not more than 5, in the Paper Box box side of each box 2mmx2mm size not more than 5, bar code must be recognized. Paper Box box and products should be left with a certain gap, the middle cushion to bubble film, to ensure that Paper Boxs and products do not have direct contact, bubble film plays a very good isolation, shockproof role, protect the product in the transport process is not damaged. Therefore, the bubble film is the protection of the Paper Box transport God, played a very good role in care, use can be said to be greatly.

Second, packaging Paper Box box surface is not allowed to have any damage and stains, no rust, peel, cracking and other paper defects, Paper Box box body paper does not allow splicing, lack of material, dew, wrinkle, through the plastic, color and other sensory defects, the same batch of product surface paper whiteness, paper materials must be consistent, Pre-Printed and Offsctdruckereien UV box surface paper on the UV layer allows a slight crack, do not allow the phenomenon of slag drop.

Third, Paper Box box indentation line width should not be greater than 12mm, the middle line, not cracked, broken, heavy line and other unnecessary indentation lines and affect the sensory fold defects.

Four, Paper Box box body adhesives for corn starch gum, glue should be coated evenly, full, no overflow. Adhesion must be neat, firm, two pieces of joint alignment, the upper and lower dislocation should not be greater than 2mm, without box and box and other phenomena.     

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