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Sticker What Is The Role In Life?
Oct 20, 2017

Stickers are only 10 pence coins of the same size, users only need to paste the Bluetooth function stickers on some valuables, and then you can locate these valuables through the smart phone application distance, so that users can not find things from the trouble. This kind of sticker is not essentially a piece of paper, he is a Bluetooth signal transmitter.

Sticker This simple little thing has something interesting in life.

1. The first role of stickers is the role of decorative landscaping, this is a good understanding. Beautiful stickers affixed to the surface of things can be decorated embellishment. Personally feel that my route posted a lot of stickers.

Of course, stickers are not casually posted, first of all you have to consider the place posted flat and beautiful, and then is not posted the place to clean up, but also easy to clean up. Otherwise it is not in the beautification of your object but in the manufacture of trouble!

2. The second role of stickers is to identify the role of discrimination, such as luggage, etc. We often go out with the band. The possibility of admitting or some, but the randomness of the stickers to greatly improve the identification. As long as taking into account the beautiful, then it is both a practical and practical way.

3. The third function of the sticker is to mark the location, such as you often lose three, you can paste a sticker at the table corner. And then the key every time to put here, stickers can play a marked role in the marked. People naturally easy to develop habits.

4. Obtain the stickers in fact do not have to buy any stickers, and sometimes some products will play the role of unintentional stickers, such as this is a player on the packaging of the HIRES logo. I think the logo is very nice to paste the guitar, so the guitar is also certified (although joking)

There are often Apple products will also send stickers, some food will send some cartoon stickers is the key to the design of good-looking, whether you like it.

5. Stickers clean up

General stickers are hot degumming, clean up is also more convenient. With a hot air blower after the heat blow can be torn off, but it also requires the place where the stickers can be mild heating. Plastic is not convenient to deal with, and tear it is more trouble.

6. a lot of stickers to deal with it is still very troublesome, it also requires us not to random stickers. Such as the rental of the words can be properly decorated, but still do not make it everywhere because of your style of others do not necessarily like to deal with a little trouble. It's just an embellishment in life.

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