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Sticker Can Be Any Paste Is Mostly One-time
Sep 14, 2017

Stickers are only 10 pence coins of the same size, users only need to paste the Bluetooth function stickers on some valuables, and then you can locate these valuables through the smart phone application distance, so that users can not find things from the trouble. This kind of sticker is not essentially a piece of paper, he is a Bluetooth signal transmitter.

Will be a variety of pictures, photos printed on the back adhesive tape, is now the market common stickers, but also popular young people and young people love a fashion product, you can paste in the stationery, cups, furniture, electrical appliances, metal, porcelain , Motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles, mobile phones, as well as advertising trademarks, industrial indicators, and so multi-element series of products, the use of a very wide range, but also a major focus of the printing industry. It is also printed with colored cartoon characters and other patterns. Can be any paste, most of the one-time. More varieties.


1. Remove the environmental protection film from the surface of the water sticker and cut out the required drawing with scissors.

2. Scrub the subject surface.

3. Put the picture in the water soak 30-60 seconds or so, with the hand to move the picture and the end of paper. Use the picture can be separated from the end of paper can be. Water temperature is best to keep 20-35 degrees.

4. Remove the drawing from the water to place the desired placement, hold the picture surface with the left hand, and slowly pull the bottom paper with the right hand.

5. When the picture and the required position of the object is accurate, with rubber or professional water scraping the bottom of the water to draw the picture, and to draw the picture.

6. Scrape dry water with a dry towel to the surface of the sewage paste clean, transfer to complete.

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