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Security Of Paper Box Packaging
Aug 07, 2017

  Security of Paper Box Packaging

  A simple Paper Box packaging also need to use the security technology, because different brands will have different production rights, some products are the use of external packaging imitation to the genuine. Therefore, it is very important to get better brand security by applying various techniques in the Paper Box.

  There is a brand protection organization that produces a fingerprint package that combines the strengths of different companies and can be more effective in implementing anti counterfeiting strategies. The techniques used include: added in the coating, can be based on different visual angle to show different colors of the pigment, hologram image, will be touched after the transparent heat-sensitive inks, Paper Box screen technology, micro-embossing technology and when exposure to specific infra-red fluorescent inks will occur.

  The relevant technical means can be divided into three categories according to the level of security: dominant, recessive and forensic. At present, Paper Box more than 200 kinds of this technology are basically related to the substrate, decorative design, printing and processing, but in fact the real power of protection measures are from the combination of technology. Within this Brand protection toolkit, Paper Box many companies are starting to launch three new technologies to help fight counterfeiting when used in cardboard or Paper Box packaging.

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