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Residential Waste Making Crafts
Mar 25, 2016

On February 23, dedicated the street into communities and area residents take advantage of post-holiday waste such as discarded cartons, after processing, becoming fine crafts decorations. Activities, residents experience the fun of yourself, and what can only be thrown into the dustbin again proved "social status".

Professional Street community worker, after the Spring Festival, residents with the waste came to the community organization's "treasure" event. Materials Exchange hands, together, use your head, a morning's time, waste products from those of the past will be sold into more than more than 10 fine handmade works of art. Waste tray on the box was a gorgeous wrapping paper, after little change into a small handmade storage box. Children in waste cans stick made of waste paper boxes on aircraft wings and propellers, a small "aircraft" is produced. Some made from old books and newspapers to make a beautiful paper flowers blossoming into aromatherapy bottle made with recycled beer bottles. Some scrap paper and flyers made a beautiful Lantern.

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