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Redesigned McDonald's Red And Yellow Box With Tray-second Virtual Reality Glasses
Mar 25, 2016

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that McDonald's (thematic reading) in Sweden business redesign their trademark red and yellow tray, simply a box into a virtual reality glasses. The glasses are made of happy meal boxes: open the box, along the lines of preset tore the box, again folding into enclosed lens, a "Happy Goggles" is done. As long as in cell phones, with the corresponding game or application, users will be able to enjoy a stunning virtual reality experience.

In addition, McDonald's has to tie in with this virtual device has also been specially developed a simulation video games.

It is understood that McDonald's virtual reality glasses and Google like Cardboard, design, functionality, and structure are imitation Cardboard. McDonald's Marketing Director Jeff? jiejite notes that "we are trying to create a modern and ambitious company in Hamburg. This is not a joke. ”

According to the executives, there is no Happy Goggles to United States plans. However, McDonald's headquarters is very interested in the idea.

In recent years, the happy meal was blasted by opponents, the latter on the grounds that baffle the packages with junk food and toys to children. To quell opposition to McDonald's happy meal into more healthy meal choice. Jiejite noted that the tray toy is instructive.

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