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Plastic Packaging Three Major Directions
Jul 12, 2017

  Plastic packaging three major directions

  Industry analysis pointed out that the plastic packaging industry is moving in three directions, the first is functional, the use of accounting for more than 30% of the demand for special materials increased rapidly; followed by green, environmental safety requirements related to upgrading the upcoming hot; Plastic packaging Is the reduction, radical "white pollution" biodegradable plastic favored. These three major development direction of the chemical industry is both an opportunity and a challenge, supporting chemical products if you want to open up new market share in this area, you need to increase the relevant materials development and promotion efforts.

  Functional: the use of accounting for more than 30% of the demand for special materials increased rapidly

  It is estimated that the current plastic packaging materials in all types of packaging materials accounted for more than 30%, second only to paper products. At present, China's food packaging materials, plastic applications have exceeded the total amount of food packaging materials, 50%, ranking first in a variety of packaging materials.

  "At present, the development of China's plastic packaging industry has reached a critical period, the downstream industry for plastic packaging film materials will also be more and more demanding requirements, in the case of a large excess of ordinary film, some high value-added functional film still need a lot of imports The demand for matte film, bright film, heat sealing film, heat shrinkable film, high barrier film, anti - ultraviolet radiation film, antistatic film and flame - retardant film is growing rapidly.

  In the field of food industry, the role of plastic packaging is not to be underestimated. China is the fruit and vegetable production and consumption power, but the decay rate also ranks highest in the world Developed countries fruit and vegetable loss rate of less than 5%, Plastic packaging while China's loss rate as high as 20% to 30%. Functional preservation materials in our country have a great market. At present, the United States using advanced packaging materials can make fruit value of 2.4 times, while China's average value-added only 0.4 times. The future of functional preservation of packaging in China has a good market prospects.

  "The future of the food industry for high barrier, resistant to cooking, anti-UV, dark, antibacterial, breathable, oxygen and other functional membrane requirements will continue to increase in the functional food packaging materials and functional additives, China's research and development And production capacity is still relatively weak, increase the development of related materials, both for the packaging industry or the chemical industry will be a win - win situation.

  Green: environmental safety requirements to upgrade the relevant additives will be hot

  With the enhancement of safety awareness and the improvement of environmental standards, consumers are paying more and more attention to the hygienic safety performance of plastic packaging. And to protect the health and safety of plastic packaging materials should rely on all kinds of green and safe plastic additives widely used. Therefore, the industry experts said that the safety and environmental protection of plasticizers, heat stabilizers, adhesives, solvent-free ink / water-based ink in the next few years will become a hot market products.

  The greening of plastic packaging is not only reflected in the product itself, but also in the production process of volatile organic pollutants are also subject to more stringent restrictions. With the implementation of China's "Air Pollution Control Action Plan", plastic packaging and printing enterprises are facing severe challenges. "Plastic packaging There is no doubt that the future containing benzene and ketone packaging ink is certainly no longer available, the market direction of development is water-based ink, solvent-free ink and UV curing ink and other products.However, these new products are still very short, Whether the variety or the number can not meet the market demand.

  Reduction: radical "white pollution" biodegradable plastics favored

  Packaging materials are mostly one-time products, short life. In order to reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment, the reduction of waste treatment has become one of the development direction of plastic packaging. In the process of reduction, biodegradable materials play a leading role.

  With the increasingly serious environmental problems, the application of biodegradable materials in packaging has been more and more respected and concerned. In recent years, the demand for biodegradable materials in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has maintained a rapid growth.

  Industry sources said that compared with the petroleum-based polymer materials, due to higher costs, Plastic packaging the current production of biodegradable materials are mainly used for export. With the improvement of environmental laws and regulations, as well as consumer awareness of environmental protection, the domestic biodegradable plastic packaging market size is also expanding, "13th Five-Year" period biodegradable materials will usher in more development opportunities.

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