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Paper Packaging And Manufacturing Equipment Are Also Getting Attention
Mar 25, 2016

With green packaging concept and the practice gradually, paper package welcomed by consumers and businesses, bringing the paper packaging and manufacturing equipment is receiving more and more attention.

Paper packaging including cardboard boxes, paper boxes, paper cups, paper plates, paper tubes, paper bucket, molded pulp products. Looking at the corrugated box, color paper production equipment mainly paper products, such as the present and the future, on the development of China's development strategy of paper packaging products manufacturing equipment, bigger and stronger in the industry, is of great significance. The following is the present situation of China paper packing container manufacturing equipment.

Corrugated box manufacturing equipment

Corrugated cardboard production from the United States, began to appear in the 1940 of the 20th century, fully automatic production line of corrugated board. 1968 Reims, the company that launched the width 2.2m, speed up to 212m/min modern cardboard production line, and introduced molding, die-cutting, folding and gluing combinations of various equipments, thus beginning the carton machinery new technology in the field of quantum leap. After entering in the 1990 of the 20th century, the carton (box) industrial stage and into computers and technology more widely, microprocessors and micro-electronics, digital technology is not only used in cardboard boxes (boxes) machinery and institutions on the Executive function of the electrical controls, also widely used throughout the whole production process control and regulation. At present, width of corrugated board production line has reached 3.3M, the speed is 300-350m/min level of development. 1994 Netherlands began production and processing more difficult devices require a higher degree of corrugated base paper only 90g/m2 light weight corrugated boxes.

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