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Paper BoxPublicity And Beautification Of Goods
Aug 25, 2017

Paper Box to a large extent with its fine shape and decoration to promote landscaping of goods, improve the competitiveness of goods. As the shape and structure of the carton is often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, it is a lot of patterns and types, rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped cartons, cylindrical, etc., but its manufacturing process basic The same, that is, select the material - design icon - manufacturing template - stamping - joined into the box. Raw materials are pulp, general corrugated, used to hold items, can be recycled.

The Paper Box is a three-dimensional shape, it is composed of a number of the surface of the movement, accumulation, folding, surrounded by the multi-faceted body composition. The structure of the three-dimensional structure in the space from the role of space, the different parts of the surface to be cut, rotated, folded, the resulting surface has a different emotional expression. The relationship between the display surface, the side, the top and the bottom of the relationship, as well as the packaging information element settings.

Paper Box packaging structure for the function of goods, features, should give full play to the characteristics of polyhedron molding, clever use of body language to express the characteristics of goods and packaging beauty. In fact, the Paper Box structure is not only to make a box of three-dimensional effect map, it also involves the production process of the process, including the Paper Box of the plane structure, knife mold production, paste box molding, these links should be in the design When it is thoughtful. This requires the designer to have a considerable understanding of the structure of the Paper Box so that the design can be put into production. The effect of the carton is great, can help us to put some small things.

Although the paper box is convenient, but it is a lot of people cut down the results of trees, and China's forest area has been very little, so many trees afforestation, returning farmland to forests is imperative, please start from small, save every tree made of things , Protect the forest from me.

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