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Oh Ah Jewelry Chain In Guangdong: Trinkets, How Can We Make The Big Deal
Mar 28, 2016

To expand the small business

After thousands of stores, Gee if there is room?

Alas provides a survey of population above 30,000 towns and villages can open Oh store and can even open 2.

What's that supposed to mean?

"Channel sink. This is the essence of human history behind urbanization, unprecedented in the sport, once consumption upgrade opportunities. Alas, though not much, is the channel sinks the most extreme to do business in China. "Oh Ah brand director Wang Yong said.

Gee's main consumer group is women aged 14-26. Research shows that this age group's jewelry consumption most frequently in women life stage.

But alas the backbone of consumption groups and regular online. "Gee is currently shopping has not reflected" Ye Guofu believes that in many other stores were mostly hit by the net purchase cases, alas for positioning and geographical advantages, the impact is small.

But this does not mean that alas without the pressure of transformation. Compared with competitors, Gee's own research and development capabilities and the new light accessories, compared with the popular American, Oh service is not dominant. The parity policy, and fight but the e-commerce platform.

In April 2011, Gee online membership management system, now has millions of information is a full member. Oh Ah want, you can upgrade from channel brands, and then to the platform provider, eventually to become a consumer-oriented value-added services around women.

"Female consumers of jewelry, retail, service of ' fast fashion ' business, are three of the Gee brand keywords", said Wang Yong, "also corresponds with the Gee three core competencies: products, channels, and users, price, brand, and IT is a chain, ' lock ' are the key factors. "Wang introduced.

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