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Ma Churong: "Oh Ah Jewelry Li Ka-Shing" Story
Mar 28, 2016

A new business opportunity, a magnificent turning

Pigment smell Ma Churong is a has ambitions, and has ambitions, and at thinking, and has strongly innovation consciousness of people, but is work is rather low-key restrained, in by invited accept reporter interview Shi has been Wan refused said: "since joined Oh Ah yilai made has larger of progress, but future also has is long of road to go, hope headquarters can put this opportunities left more excellent of joined business. "The low-key and self-effacing way to create, but the years plus experience precipitated by crystallization of the natural distribution of the light.

Streaming with blood, Ma Churong each time to advance, every turn is both unexpected and spontaneous, as contained in his look calm and gentle. Ma Churong is a typical Cantonese Shantou Chaoshan people, was born, therefore, unwilling to yield to others, the spirit of self-improvement, then, young Ma Churong repeatedly asked myself a question in my mind: where's my future? Eager to break the status quo he decided to go alone to the Pearl River Delta after thinking for a long time to find the right direction and the realization of the ideal.

In beads triangle playing spell of Ma Churong after years of sea ups and downs, in accumulated itself wealth of while also constantly for connotation upgrade and extension expansion, has into multiple industry, was asked its life of each major decided whether are is to next better to turned, has always low-key of he admits, out playing spell of days makes its horizons open has many, so in select industry Shi always instinct to realized that, regardless of do what business, are to with Shang times of direction, then fast to caught it, became trend of led who, Nature can survive in a competitive market economy.

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