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Jewelry Boxes: Select P2P Banking, Safety First
Mar 25, 2016

Strict risk control, compliance operations is King

Under the general trend of supervision are more rigid, P2P platforms to achieve long-term development must be in compliance standards, strict risk management, improve the security platform. In this regard, said Yao Sun, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes have been "six audits, seven security guarantee" for the platform guidelines, and strict screening investment projects, reducing investment risks, protect their investment security.

1, strict access mechanism

Necessary to establish strategic cooperation with jewelry box platform filter: private institutions with industry visibility, a well-known security agencies and small loan companies, bad debt rate is less than 2% the past two years, with mature business system and research history of the late data.

2 careful examination, six road, safe and impregnable

Jewelry box six road audit including: field study--cooperation guarantees institutions field study line Xia borrowing people; information Audit--audit including Bank water, and assets situation, more than 10 more than items essential material; background survey--on borrowing people background, and contact information detailed survey; repayment capacity--combined information review and data analysis integrated assessment its repayment capacity; mortgage handle--assets through valuation Hou handle related mortgage procedures; II times verification--by this platform owned wind control team II times strictly checks.

3, 360 ° all-round professional evaluation system checks

Cooperation is required on all mortgage guarantee agencies provide through a professional appraiser to rigorous and authoritative set of evaluation system of process values. Strict mortgage operation process management, post-lending management and a full range of strict checks on a regular basis, ensuring that maximize the value of the mortgage during the term of the project.

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