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How To Modify The Edges And Corners Of Food Boxes
Jun 05, 2017

  How to modify the edges and corners of food boxes

  How many processes can a delicate food box have to go through to make it?

  Just made out of the food box is very exquisite, crystal clear, in fact, is hidden "murder", we accidentally will be injured, because the food box when the cutting edge is like a sharp knife. But after polishing, we can use the Acrylic food box.

  Polishing is how to do, to tell you: Put a good food box on the polishing table, polishing the edge of the polished knife, to the food box under the cushion to avoid scratches, and then open the polishing machine push forward, until this side is completed. That's it. This is just a polishing method, there are many polishing methods are not commonly used, you can understand.

  Food boxes without edges and corners will make people more like, the edge of the grinding flat, so will not hurt themselves, but will not hurt others.

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