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Home Soft Decoration How To Match Well?
Mar 28, 2016

1, style uniform

Home soft decoration must pay attention to uniform in style, avoid this place points, and at that point, not a series, ugly clutter.

2, color harmony

Home soft decoration is usually play the role of ornament, ornament colors must be used with the entire space of the color line. Includes wall colors, furniture and so on. If you have a very strong ability, can also choose the color differences of jewelry, are likely to have a strong visual impact, but on the contrary may lose the overall feel.

3, in conjunction with furniture

Home soft decoration should pay attention to work with furniture, furniture founder, jewelry should be flexible, can be "low level" or "low", furniture, round ornaments are structured, the level difference should not be too large.

4, place order

Home soft placed rules have decorations from a point to a line and then to the face, or vice versa, from the surface to the line and then to the point. How to do it, so there is no layering.

5, jewelry features

When you put home soft decoration, taking into account its characteristics, such as plant-Aloe Vera, Orchid, rose, due to indoor air purification, is more appropriate in an indoor, tulips, because easy to skin allergies, appetite and other reasons, generally do not fit in the home.

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