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Food Box Long Life And Other Characteristics
Nov 03, 2017

Food boxes, also known as snack boxes, boxing. Good chemical stability of the product Appearance beautiful, gorgeous color, bump-resistant, non-toxic tasteless, lightweight, bright surface, smooth, corrosion-resistant, long life and other characteristics; products can be made into a variety of colors.

Because of its characteristics are widely used in snack food stores, snack shops, roasted seeds and nuts shop, supermarkets and other food sales containers, good shop, gifted gifted special, very diners, to Iraqi, get on off, Yijiaren and other snack food chain are Useful for such a box. Acrylic price cards, acrylic cover supporting the use of.

100% pure melamine resin molding powder production, heat-resistant products, impact, bending and other performance and health indicators to meet the requirements of GB9690-88, QB1999-94.

Melamine raw materials for the melamine resin molding powder, its characteristics are as follows:

one. Melamine resin molding powder is odorless. Tasteless, non-toxic;

two. Melamine resin powder molding products surface hardness, shiny, resistant to scratching;

three. Its products are self-extinguishing, fire, impact resistance, good cracking resistance;

four. Its high temperature, high humidity stability, good solvent resistance, alkali resistance is better.

According to the different uses of different specifications, specifically 30 cm * 20 cm * 15 cm, 40 cm * 20 cm * 15 cm, 22 cm * 15 cm * 20 cm and so on.

Production Process 

one. According to the product weight unloading two. High-frequency wave preheating. three. Plain surface to the flash. Four. Polishing. Five. Inspection packaging.

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