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Folding Paper Box Origin And History
Sep 29, 2017

The origin of the carton can be regarded as the origin of the Japanese cardboard industry. The original products are "pit paper" and "see pit paper", and no box equipment, box box technology for the use of blade plus ruler of the manual operation. But with the increase in market demand, and later from Germany to introduce a box of equipment, and the carton as a wooden box to replace the container, and actively to the market. After World War II, Europe and the United States and other developed capital gradually conscious of the country to gradually save the importance of resources and environmental protection, and vigorously promote the carton to replace the wooden box movement, further direct stimulation to the market demand for cartons.

With the rapid development of carton manufacturing technology, the use of cartons is becoming increasingly broad. From the initial ceramic industry, canned, fiber products, to the later agricultural products, aquatic products in all areas began by the wooden box packaging to carton packaging transformation. After 1955, the use of more expanded, beer, liquor, soy sauce, milk products, fruits, home appliances, medicines and other aspects of conversion to carton packaging. Cartons as packaging materials in the number of constantly expanding at the same time, customers began to have a wide range of needs, cartons also began by a single ordinary shape, began to appear water and beautiful, can be loaded with heavy packaging development.

Industry manufacturers in order to meet a wide range of customer needs, in the development of new products, new areas devoted a great effort to achieve the "packaging revolution." The results of the packaging revolution directly lead to the success of the carton instead of wooden boxes, seats, sacks, etc. become the most important packaging capacity. After several decades of rapid development, cartons have become an important pillar of economic development in many countries. Carton production is even more incredible to the point. By 2000, the United States with an annual output of 37.32 billion square meters of paper boxes, Japan 13.66 billion square meters, China is 12.3 billion square meters. China's carton industry development started late, but the development momentum is amazing, from 1985 to 2000, China's carton packaging industry maintained an average annual growth of more than double digits. According to statistics, in 2001 China's packaging and printing industry output value of about 56 billion yuan in 2002 reached 63 billion yuan in 2003 reached 71 billion, is expected in 2005, China's packaging and printing output value will reach 90 billion yuan, continue to maintain Annual double-digit growth.

Express box packaging to a large extent with its fine shape and decoration to promote landscaping of goods, improve the competitiveness of goods. For Taobao sellers is not available for marketing purposes. As the courier box packaging modeling and structural design is often determined by the shape characteristics of packaged goods, so its style and type of many, rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped cartons, cylindrical shape, but its manufacturing process Basically the same, that is, select the material - design icon - manufacturing template - stamping - joined into the box.

Many Taobao sellers will be packed under the packaging box a lot of effort, such as writing a picture, do a brand logo, beautifully designed, of course, the packaging may lead to the promotion of refined packaging prices, resulting in a waste of production, so now many courier Box packaging manufacturers to promote green packaging.

Express packaging industry has become the international paper industry, the most dynamic and important force. In recent years, the rapid development of China's paper industry is largely benefited from the international industry to China's transfer, it is well known that China is becoming a "world factory", one-third of China's light industrial products exported to the rest of the world, To the huge demand for paper products to become an important driving force for the growth of China's paper industry. Paper products industry in the future development trend, on the one hand from a single to diversified development; the second is to green technology direction, low energy consumption, pollution prevention, high-direction development.

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