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Chen Meiqing: Young Mother Oh Ah Jewelry Success
Mar 28, 2016

Marriage, family is a watershed in many women's careers. Some women will choose to secure full-time wives at home, but some women will continue to create endless possibilities for their career. Chen Meiqing belongs to the latter. Maybe six months ago, she can't imagine how he can break a world, but Oh let her try the taste of success.

Young mother comeback career

Six months ago, Chen Meiqing is a young mother who all take care of the family. First-time mother, Chen Meiqing put heart in children, watching her daughter grow day by day, beyond pleased and happy that she has a growing sense of unease: "larger, homes more expensive, I can't earn money for the family, and do not have many contacts, gradually became more and more confident. "Chen Meiqing is a person who loves to learn and challenge, she began to find themselves is not suitable for a full-time wife, and decided to go out to work. April 2014, happened to be an acquaintance of alas shops need to be transferred, Chen Meiqing boldly took down. "I know Gee from the University, I also like trinkets, especially hair accessories, I always use accessories to dress my daughter. "Chen Meiqing smiled and talked about.

Hard road to success

Before Chen Meiqing clothing brand experience as a Manager, but in taking Oh stores is very difficult, lost more than 20 pounds in three months, she said, "then do not understand anything, not selling cosmetics, not running the operating system, stores are a mess because of the lack of care before. But our regional manager gave me a lot of help, 1.1 points to teach me, I slowly started out. Then went to the headquarters of course, back then people as a whole have a great deal of power. ”

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