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Carton Production Equipment
Mar 25, 2016

Due to the varied and complex structure of the paper tray, the processing technology and the wide range of subjects, and general manufacturing equipment, standardization and serialization is very difficult. And because China's carton industry Foundation is weak, its manufacturing equipment and advanced international level also varies. Therefore, carton machinery development in China is very big, tray of the further development of advanced manufacturing equipment and heavy task.

Honeycomb cardboard and cardboard boxes production equipment

Honeycomb just one in 60 of the last century, with its reasonable bionics and lightweight structures, isotropic high compressive strength and good cushioning and vibration, thermal insulation, sound insulation properties favored by the construction, vehicle manufacturing and other industries, in the packaging industry has also shown many incomparable advantages and good development prospects.

Honeycomb structure is made of two panels, honeycomb and adhesive compound formed, mainly stretch-forming and manufacturing method for making honeycomb. In the late 80 's of the last century, China began development of honeycomb cardboard boxes and equipment. Research and development is in the digestion and absorption from Korea and the United Kingdom and the Netherlands imports of honeycomb cardboard production line on the basis of, and made a series of encouraging results.

General situation of paper pulp production equipment

Molded pulp industry for more than 80 years of history in the United Kingdom, and Iceland, and Canada and other developed countries is large, mature technology. Since 1984 from France and Egypt, the company introduced a rotary drum type pulp molding production line began in 1988 to own the advent first of pulp molding production line, molded pulp industry from scratch in China and put an end to the history of pulp molding equipment imports, but by 1993, products of a single, lower grades, mainly dominated by trays of eggs, fruit and beer. Along with the increase in export trade and export environmental loading restrictions, since 1995, the molded pulp industry in our country has a new leap, late in the 1990 of the 20th century, began to scale and industrialization. Now domestic pulp mould equipment can not only supply domestic, export and production lines abroad.

The main production equipment of pulp mold products: hydro-pulper, mud pits, forming machine, drying machine, hot press, qiebianji, and so on.

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