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Book Printing The Future Will Be Likely To Appear In The Trend
Sep 29, 2017

Book printing - all kinds of books, newspapers, periodicals printing; - pictures, pictures, calendars, posters, music printing; - pictures, maps, map book printing.


Various books, newspapers, periodicals printing;

Album, New Year pictures, calendars, posters, music printing;

Picture, map, map book printing;

Braille printing;

Audio and video products and electronic publications;

Printing of other publications.

Not included

Binding, embossing media manufacturing and other printing services, included in the 2320 (binding and other printing services activities).

Printing prospects

There may be the following trends in the future:

1, large and medium-sized publishing agencies integrated operation;

2, the cooperation between publishers and technology providers will be further in-depth;

3, small and medium-sized publishing institutions will take the road of outsourcing services;

4, the new digital publishing agencies continue to emerge to the main form of the Internet;

5, the reader manufacturers set up online bookstore;

6, the traditional channel to the full transformation of electronic channels;

7, the operator into the whole process of digital publishing;

8, there will be more subdivided professional database service providers.

Of course, the development of China's digital publishing industry is still faced with a variety of formats, product prices, business models, billing, user experience and many other issues. According to the prospective network survey, in 2011, the publication of copyright work in the capital will accelerate the transformation of the development mode, to institutional innovation as a breakthrough, and constantly deepen the reform, speed up the integration of resources, promote high-tech and publishing industry integration, innovation and improve the press and publication of public cultural service system , Optimize the government management model, improve the level of service, and strive to create a new situation in the capital publishing and copyright work. From the analysis of the market competition pattern and leading enterprise analysis report of the global book, newspaper and newspaper industry in 2013-2017, the income of the press and publication industry in Beijing reached 46.617 billion yuan, up by 9.45% over the same period of last year. Totaled 93.515 billion yuan, an increase of 8.74%; total profit of 3.059 billion yuan; employees 11.58 million people. News publishing industry revenue in the city's cultural and creative industries in nine major areas ranked fourth.

And the development of these trends and the solution of the problem will be based on a main theme: cooperation. The goal of cooperation is 1 + 1 = 11. Please note that not 1 + 1 = 2, but 11, is to get more value, for the development of geometric progression of the industry, only the greater value can be called value. To this end, we have to do a lot of hard and meticulous work, such as the joint formation of constructive alliances, to explore how to digital publishing and publishing institutions in-depth integration, the development of practical digital publishing strategic planning, standardize business models and marketing strategies, and To further clarify the partners and so on. Only in this way can we further clarify what we want, what can be brought to the partners, what our cooperation can bring to the industry.

From this point of view, "Let the partners more valuable" with practical significance, is bound to become the future development of China's digital publishing industry an important topic.

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