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Analysis Of Plastic Packaging Trend In Food Industry
Jul 12, 2017

  Analysis of Plastic Packaging Trend in Food Industry

  At present, plastic packaging materials in all types of packaging materials accounted for more than 30%, second only to paper products. In China's food packaging materials, the amount of plastic applications has exceeded 50% of the total food packaging materials, ranking the first of all kinds of packaging materials. So, what are the trends in the plastic packaging materials used in the food industry? Let's take a look at a few cases together.

  From the rigid packaging gradually to the lighter, Plastic Packaging more environmentally friendly flexible packaging

  Modern food packaging not only for food and content to provide physical protection, but also help to extend the shelf life of food, provide product information and display brand image, more convenient for consumers to use daily. Compared to other packaging materials and forms, such as glass, metal and hard plastic packaging, soft plastic packaging more environmentally friendly, saving raw materials and transportation costs, so as to better meet the needs of the modern packaging industry.

  Akulon® XS for food packaging films

  According to the survey agency Smithers Pira's forecast, the Asia-Pacific region will become the fastest growing consumer goods flexible packaging market.

  PacXpert ™ is one of the industry's leading packaging technologies. It uses a unique lightweight design, durable design with ergonomic design to help users with precise dumping. In vacancy, the bag can be flat and easy to store The Although it is called flexible packaging technology, but whether it is placed upright or side, PacXpert ™ packaging can stand firmly, and to ensure excellent storage performance. PacXpert ™ technology also has a large area of shelf space, easier to "lock" the consumer's attention, so that it has a purchase intention.

  In addition, PacXpert ™ technology can provide significant environmental benefits. It can not only avoid the waste of the contents of the package, Plastic Packaging but also can reduce the consumption of raw materials, improve the product - packaging ratio. In addition to being sought after by customers, from 2013 to date, Dow PacXpert ™ technology has the global packaging industry's eight strength awards in the bag.

  Dow PacXpert ™ has been well received from Europe to Latin America, from Latin America to Asia Pacific, and PacXpert ™ has revolutionized the global trend of flexible packaging. With PacXpert ™ technology in China, Plastic Packaging this will undoubtedly open its broader application prospects, and PacXpert ™ technology will also promote the Chinese packaging industry from the rigid packaging to gradually lighter, more environmentally friendly flexible packaging.

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